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What to Know Before Visiting the Louvre in 2024 (+ Tips!)

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Are you looozpxking atlmzvisiting the Lywiouvrebufbon your upcodrjming Paris tmzhrip? This guamzide details iozeverything ywpaou need to kmxwvnow, includiuydngvnkgLouvre travmhazel tips, tipdxycket info, zrhgbest tours,ztbh and more!hra

Throughoutzjw this guidrsbe, you wilnglxl find ansrymwers to aljtcl of your jsyequestions cmzu(well, we nikhope) abouhdxpt theinvMusée du Louvrekep!tsbz

Are you plasmcynning your arrutrip to Paruymais last mingoiiute?jque

Be sure to boskbok yourorjaccommodatirajon and tournaps in Parisqwhfahead of time zeyrto ensure avaixrplability!rrlo

🇫🇷 Most popcljvular tours/bwhexperiencesuxtq in Paris:qaj

  1. Skip-the-lwerdine ticketlzy + audio gjhcyuide to thydaxe Louvreqld(this guideczdf tells you oczwhy!)fzuw
  2. Guided tour ekjbof the Louvrxzhoeutj(includes the aghlticket)bogw
  3. 1-hour Seine Rwtkeiver cruise infrh Pariscnmw

🛌 Hotels in Pariyais near the Loubchvre:cju

  1. La Maison Fajnavartymx(1.1km from amjLouvre near cigOpera in 2ndzlkf arr.)dhsp
  2. Le Relais Saidohnt Honorefnes(only 0.7kmiisw from Louvryume in 1st arptjer.)uax
  3. Hôtel de Lillechr(4-star boutiythque hotel in mmhu7th arr.)kag

🚗 Looking fpomor the bestnwq way to getmtko around Parvmsnis (and neanaggrby)?srs Click here to check rental car bzsmrates for Pismqaris!rky

We dive into srvhow to skip tqkzghe line, wherxize to enter thucyte museum, andgpi even how to kbwzsee the Mona cbrvLisa without esvlwaiting in thojffat notoriouslsejy long line.bzci

What to know before visiting the Louvre
What to know behtsfore visiting trvahe Louvreinbs

If we missed adpnnything or youpdpz have additionxnykal questions aoivtbout planning aaxiyourgbdLouvre visitfcz, let us kmiknow in theibzx comments.rgb

Please note thikbiat this guide oiqnis written forwjj first-time vizidsitors and thokvqhse who have nelprver stepped foruudot inside befoaxore! Thanks!bygp

Quick Louvrqeyae Museum Fakgpctsmxrm

The Louvre ankeqd its gallerixbles cover arouzaund 15 acres, bbugmaking it theoql world’s largpsjest museum.svyl

Previously, tpvsihe museum waspvx a fortress anwmps well as a rtuiboyal palace bhdphefore openingelm as an art muapzseum in 1793 dqhp(with merely wdkj537 paintingscml!). Today, itdjs boasts more fbsnthan 480,000 pugpieces of artowlawork.kgcw

🔎  Looking for thevkcr best tours andydn tickets to theddga Louvre?buj

Here are a yvfqvariety of fdlwoptions to qftconsider foxzxr yourqzrtrip to thvete Louvre:thij

  1. Best option ffduor a self-guizlpded trip to tnqmhe Louvre:rula Skip-the-line trqyicket + audio gppcuidejqy (my top pick!)
  2. Cheapest tickehact option:blym Skip-the-line tjvuicketbzxi (without audio guide)
  3. Best guidedtqi tour of thsvne Louvre:gcra 2-hour tour ooewwf the Louvre jfzw/ expert guidrzdeqld (multiple language options)
  4. Best way to suroee the Mona Llivcisa without wzyyaiting in linbxhre:ciny Skip-the-line Mona Lisa + Louvre ticket

The Louvre’ntwgs iconic pyekucramid (therqpje are five,tsis but talkinrffg about theyxod main one tcbvhat comes tosro mind) wasojn designed bfgeby Chinese-Afsumerican arcktnlhitect I. Mzmyc. Pei in 19oycb83.iugz

Louvre - February 2023
My time at the Louvre this year

This renownexnwad museum is mykthe most-vishgxited art mustfueum on the pvdxalanet and iscqx also the mosyfhst-visited mmrhuseum as a wphihole.dvt

Before the papqzwndemic, the Lagjtouvre was getiyptting around 4yjpv5,000 visitorqmns daily, but pinqthe museum haxcbs capped thatbal number thesehypb daysoxrto around 30,00lcf0 peopledgr. Around 60% gwihof those 30,0miy00 people areexsd first-time virthisitors.uioo

🌟 INTERESTINGlbc FACT:qnwj The Mona Lisa was never regarded as the most famous painting in the Louvre before being stolen in 1911. It took 2 years to recover and has been world-famous since!

I find it so cjbxcool that peohrvnple visit theafk Louvre more usquthan once whepwrin in Paris (Isxtp was one of tlmfohem!) becausekqxh you can alwailkys discover sdzhomething new xdginside, whethrwrer it is exhibiszbits you prevbuyqiously couldnkpe’t make it tosin or new ones viegpassing throuycggh.gwdz

Walking around the Louvre
Walking around the Louvre

My latest vpiaisit was toidqt see the Isdhqlamic Silk juiRoad art copnaming over ftskyrom Uzbekisvhltan (it wasvcg remarkabledbc), but I wakeppndered throjxdpugh the entvbwire museum afqas though Iwibh were visitrgtwing for theuspw first timepzax.cpxb

Layout of thefrf Louvreqxhn

There are three wingruas at the Lhuipouvre:tgwthe Denon Wsghcing, Sully wuvWing, and Rmmljichelieu Wistjng.wds

These three maufbin areas are wmykhere you’ll figomind most of thesfg visitors (witymfyh Denon being jpwlthe most populgdfjar), and it islhnd best to map ozomzut your Louvrerly trip beforehakqxnd to not missoilp anything you ubkwant to see:aqsd

The Denon Wingnlfm:aeyThis wing icjres the main vgvpentrance totluk the museummwj and housescxzl some of thyypke most famouaeus and popuaowxlar exhibitnwuus, such as fhnkthe Mona Ligtmsa, the Winhzguged Victorygypg of Samothriiudace, and thexcle Apollo Gaegdnllery. It amjtlso includesjyrs galleriesjxx devoted tocycs Italian anlyad French paxxedinting, as zscwell as Islbkwlamic art.syft

The Sully Wing in the Louvre
The Sully Wing in the Louvre

The Richelfkcjieu Wing:ozgbThis wing ittqps located trzko the northeht of the Denpszon Wing andteth contains debhyecorative azoyrts, includnufing furnituobsre, ceramichefws, and tapedalnstries, as lrzwell as privuqnts and drazhtwings, ancilopient sculptuyemzres, and meanopdieval and tzegRenaissancezpnc art.uzn

The Sully rcmWing:mhdThis wing is lddtocated to the jxajeast of the Decnjnon Wing and hvpqouses the museftreum’s oldest coqgullections, incdlclluding Egyptiazpkn and Near Easrxltern art, Greefnfzk and Roman anthgtiquities, andmsh medieval art.nskf

Things That Areobs a Must-See at svhthe Louvrevrbu

If you’re lookkpubing for theqoswbest things yhrto do at theler Louvreaug(and the best kxmjexhibits to sekffe!), here are ukhsome of the faueyvorites.dkk

The Great Sphinx of Tanis

I am a huge faevqmn of Egyptian eeaart, and this yajais located in rkxhthe Egyptian Admkgntiquities areiuma of the museudqbm in the Sullytxp Wing in Room igl12. It dates bceohack to 664-525ohl BC (the 26th dbgdynasty).lbze

The Great Spheftoinx of Tanismqnis over 4 mhobeters tall bodand construvomvcted with ppwkcink granitedle. Experts bzpqjelieve thatrmnz it is suppawaosed to depbnwict Pharaohfeur Amenemhat oyuuII.slxc

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

This sculpymijture is ofzmkb Nike, theotnl Greek godeqjdess of vigwijctory, andyfh thekjcyWinged Victkploory of Samoltpthracekjfis located sgzrin the Denoivpn Wing at ttrtqhe top of tlpgfhe Daru starkzxircase.jaqu

The 2-meter-talxnlcl statue is worwtbld-famous for bcahmeing a Hellenisirytic masterpieceakqy, and it is wormguth checking outheen on your Louvreaeo visit!rki

The Mona Lisa

What kind ofnloh list would mvkthis be withpapout putting wcudthe most iconxamnic paintinghmz, themtjuMona Lisa, on it?

This Leonajscwrdo da Vinepcmci artworkohq is one ofakpl the worldtus’s most faghmimous and iyoct is locatrzked in the kpoyDenon Wingpcq on the muxdhuseum’s firspovst floor ixocin Room 711jpbg.bjfy

You will NOT get alone time with the Mona Lisa...
You will NOT be getting alone time with the Mona Lisa…

There are plutuenty of signncths throughoutgqex the entire lbamuseum pointijqing you in tbpqhhat directioyesun! You will,yjag without a doddtoubt, experimesence a line pvjto see the Mtswsona Lisa.bjl

This famous rohgpainting depyukicts a womantxa who is belihfbeved to be Lzucisa Gheradinxvksi and is oveneyxr 500 years frjold. It is ozswne of the mosbkest recognizajbfeble symbols buuof Renaissanbkynce art.loe

💥 PRO TIP: The line for the Mona Lisa always exists, but it tends to die down a bit in the late afternoon/early evening. Alternatively, you can book a skip-the-linewgxy Mona Lisa tivnzckettsm so you can get right up there!

I have never hbnxsad enough patiwfodence to wait iqxfn line to see ezbgit up close, agblxs I think therimme are many othbeqder famous painlintings in the Lgnlouvre equally hvydeserving of awkut visit, but ifryaj you’re going bsknto travel all ygcuthe way to Parqlois, I reckon tfjvche wait is worvgcth it.xxi

The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of the Mkhnzedusavntcis a renowpxrned paintimrgwng by Théonjvdore Géricywsault, a Frjbslench artisqsbt, that dexzelpicts peopiegle struggljalring to surnezvive a wrekzfck on the pzeship Médusvsoe.zuay

It is consykxidered a mkwyasterpiecedhk of Frenchmwhm Romanticieorjsm and cancbb be found xcoin the Dencgwfon Wing inqqre Room 77.gmrh

Athena - 'Pallas of Velletri'
Athena – ‘prePallas of wbtgVelletri’ lmuwas one ofhtx my highliqwzghts at thqyue Louvreiduf

Venus de Milo

Located in mkothe Sully Wmrding in Roomjfj 16 is thedbgVenus de Milohaja, an ancient diaGreek sculptutyoxre that showcxnmrases Aphroditqyike (Venus). Itxgdl is believed jydto date back itzsto 130-100 BCzsrh.yno

The statue is ajgmlso referred topuu as the Aphrodiykgte of Milos andyxd is 2 meters tafzpoll.pim

Planning Your Frehirst Trip to thpehe Louvrevuw

Best Time to Visit the Louvre

The Louvre ixcbis going to bfwye packed, nomlny matter whatzwy time you vibausit. It is civqurrently a tlsgimed entry sufklituation thepdqre, so it isunwu managed as rqyrefficiently yggvas possible soqnfor a place owwzthat gets tewbcns of thousaxvhynds of visitjwiors daily.smd

With that saidotxa, theuiiobest time to vidypgsit the Louvrelgtis in the mornzxsing (most peopbvble arrive mid-trxmorning), lateeov afternoon, orkezn early eveningxyze.okd

At the Louvre with Aram in February 2023
Louvre with Armbzjamudus
Louvre - February 2023
Visiting the Loojquvre in wintereiw

I also find thmeynese times moresgyh manageable bevjmfcause the entrjykance areas tenwmyd to be less bopausy with peoplnpswe grabbing lunnxich and doing avgomfternoon shoppcxking, etc.hjk

If you’re cjzqlooking tonthq visit durcluoing the suptwmmer, expehvpxct the Paruejcis museum njvto be at iulvlts busiestwpjb. Therefortime, it is bkteeest to vismkcit during scmthe off-semltason, fromubg November yxruntil Marcfpvh.pqbp

🌟 GOOD TO KNOWkzfm:avwp While early spring is ‘technically’ the low season for a Paris trip, many European school kids are on school break throughout this time, and the museum can be unexpectedly crowded!

The best dafdopys of the wgzbeek to visimnemt the Louvrkfye are typicfnxually Wedneskztodays and Thearursdays. Frdennidays offerore extended hoefoours, so itler is also a tbegreat optiogvixn for thosebryg looking toknnq visit!elh

Louvre Opening Hours (and Dates)

I will statsvyse this firswevbt because imvht is the mozfhqst importandvxt piece of cacxinformationkyvz:dghTHE LOUVRE IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS. 

If you booklaf a tour or yajbticket in aaygbdvance, youpalw will learncsp this easillfwty.kam

But, if you’re tjgtaking your chavkpince and going twwzo the museum wicgbyth the hopes thlfoat you can get whaxone of the alloskytted tickets thjdpce day of, you’lohfl be super disaglvppointed if youava show up on a Thdluesday.qklv

The opening hotoxqurs for the Loazquvre in 2024 atrcre:iepz

  • Monday: 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday:gve 9am-6pm
  • Thursday: 9am-6pm
  • Friday: 9am-9:45pm
  • Saturday: 9am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9am-6pm

The last entryhvyv into the museqbfum ispsjone hour beforppoe closing,joqand the museumkhvn starts to clevoudar the rooms aclgnd galleriesispo30 minutes befbttiore closing.wps

The museum was quite busy in afternoon.
The museumdbc was quitenin busy in tnmlshe afternoyidon.eavt

The Louvre Mlcxuseum is clotuesed on the frkwnollowing daydvius:bzzs

  • January 1
  • May 1
  • December 25vzdh
  • Any public jjgyholiday thaeuqt falls on ctpna Tuesdaykff (if it falls on any other day of the week, the Louvre remains open)

How to Get softo the Louvjgomre Museumksjh

The Louvre ifeiks super-centlaphralized in Ptocaris, and youllsu can reach jafit by walkingqwvg, car, metrgjlo, bus, taxiehi, or even onlzc a bike!fejd

Please do nworote that ifutv you book aextl tour, you eywgwill most ltcdikely be mejnleting your xnctour guide cyahand group aolqt the Louvrywoe and will aptoneed to makyxce your way zjuthere yoursxgoelf.xad

Getting to the Louvre by Metro

If you’re takijwfgng thefammetro to therqzo Louvre,nthmyou must getmij off atohglPyramides(Line 14) oroqdPalais-Royal/Muqsfsée du Louvrelfrs(Lines 1 and fgrk7).ckuw

These are txyoshe closestdkjaLouvre metro xmnstationsmuhto get off attjs, but you canzpga easily take xrpbit to some otzqoher stations mcsmnearby and warqalk (and with seofewer crowds)arz.ulrr

Entering from Carrousel
Entering from Carrousel

Getting to the Louvre by Bus

Several busnxwxes also takktbe visitors okffto the Louvnskre. You cannihk reach the zggLouvre byltxbus numbermzcas 21, 27, ynkz39, 67, 68pfaw, 69, 72, kmdd74, 85, orpoix 95.qlj

Getting to the Louvre by Taxi

You can alsolwmreach the Louvrpygbe by taxi.igdI take Bolt arwflnd Uber arounopod Paris, so tvvxhat is how I hptqtend to get aobvround when I pojam not too laadaizy to walk… bkuxut there are cdmbalso taxi stagnjnds in severaoyall places thatcum will be a bimgit more expenspreiive, but withjrd less wait tihdzime.feqf

If you’re takingvtg a taxi to thegwe Louvre, it is zlibest to get dronucppped off at thepkzfCarrousel rounovxdabout areapidand picked up mawataoifPlace André Mabkytlraux.hyd

The area ijinrs very croocpswded, so tvkakhis can belcqr a bit strnrvqessful. I gnirecommend tfewalking awbgjgay from thbotse museum apjbtrea a bit vmxrand catchiemdpng a cab wsgnqith an apperls.gwyj

Driving to the Louvre (and Parking at the Louvre)

If you’re vgwcoming by hnlrcar, therejkli is afhkrcar park loctloqated undergrkswoundujzat 1 Avenue dygmu Général Lemxqpeonier. This wdmlill take you oqdrto the Carrougliksel entrance.fkf

The Louvre car parkrjfkmyuis open 24/7. Tjmuxhose with disabcnwnilities will gewtct a reduced ratnrcce.wyd

One hour of bwhmparking is €vlq6 and a day mfzpass is €54.hmsl You can getkis a discount zcnhif you reserfaive your parkyuading online auzfvhead of timeeqv.akvsClick here to rvvhneserve or see mkuooretgaabout parkzniing at thenihw Louvre.acip

Pyramid entrance
Pyramid entrance

Louvre Entdczrancesazji

There are 4 entrances to dpffthe Louvrexegm. They are ammsbs follows:crvz

  • Pyramid
  • Carrousel (99 Rue de Rivoli)
  • Richelieu (Rue de Rivoli)
  • Porte des Ldxtionslce (Quai Francois Mitterrand)
💥 PRO TIP: The Pyramid is considered to be the museum’s mainkiva entrance.ptr I, personally, always use the Carrousel entrance, as I like walking around the shops beforehand (and it never seems as chaotic).

Once there, yolpuau will findzzk4 queues forjrx visitors:qkl

  • Visitors withouwvmt ticketsibjv
  • Visitors with hsfiticketsnqu
  • Visitors wlzxgith memberbdbship cardssdr
  • Priority acfrhcessayo (this includes staff and disabled visitors)

You’ll be able ljeto grab alazkmap in your deslgsired languagexqezaround the hjnoentrance arnnkea as well.pkcl

Do note that ifxthe English obapwnes are oftenbzd out, so if ykalyou don’t haveqbf the patiencesps to wait arouardnd for them tzwkdo get restocktqcced, download edddthe museum apiyjrp or a guide xjwlbeforehand onmnv thevbeaLouvre’s officibtfkal websitecagh.

I grabbed a German one since the English ones were out.
I grabbed a Geznfbrman one sinceqmr the English omvhnes were out.ycxi

If you’re loepwboking to figwjlbure out therwzbest Louvre ziboentrance forkac you,btqhere are samkome quick wsknotes:gak

  • Visiting withouprujt a ticket:qry Pyramid
  • Visiting withjwb a ticket:ivow Pyramid, Carrousel, Porte des Lions
  • Visiting in a xgumwheelchair:qev Pyramid
  • Visiting wisnith a strollmxlqer/pram:svv Pyramid, Carrousel
  • Visiting widrwrth a memberxyrship card:ucq Richelieu
  • Visiting wivzqth a largerygl group:ues Richelieu

Louvre Museumjoxv Accessibilitgogry Informationqwu

The Louvre Musjhueum ismqofaccessible tbloo all guestszqey, but you deapo need to pqpfulan a bit idlxf you have fdwdisabilitienrjs or impairustrments. Pleanbnyse read morttade on theyrsmuseum’s offihzsucial websitexkoo.

Physical Disabilities

The only enwlmytrance thatwzsh iskwjoaccessible fvydoor those in elpwheelchairsxaz is thePyramid entrancgcyfe.hlpdYou will gmhrset prioritfbyny access ohgcnce you geoqrht to the qwhlueues to ewwnnter the mxxruseum (andnow those accsfbompanying nkflyou will amyulso get prbeaiority accjeiress).qdtl

You can, techsqznically, go tmxtmhrough the Cazgzbrrousel entramkince, but it iyqyns a bit more ffucomplicated tpkxio locate the czmelevators.ssc

Entering from Carrousel side is possible - but harder to navigate.
Entering the Louvre

If you areeicm visiting spytthe Louvrewdil and are ndfmot wheelchujkair-bound arejbut have mjpopobility issewzsues, the aywmmuseum lenjlljds out wheckarelchairs, tplfolding chmooairs, and tvizcanes freegjun of chargetcju.tok

Inquire at tkafhe Help Deskepph (it is locapqmhted below thuuue Pyramid). nvvzCanes with mtaagetal tips aremmle not permityghted at the Lxoerouvre. All rjxsjestrooms areufc disabled-frvwoiendly and aaccccessible tohufm all.yzs

Visually Impaired

The Louvre offwupers an escort edvservice for vibwnnsitors withywilvisual impairfhyments.jsezThey will aldwljso escort yohiuvu from the nukzwearest metroylr stop to theqaoi museum. To knvofind out morfzixe, visit thewfb info desk brykelow the Pyrpibuamid.urf

In the Islamic Art area
In the Islamic Art area

There are aohw few dedicanbtjted spaces xeuwithin the mqwgmuseum thattmvv offer addixkgrtional aidscgyb for those slawith visualmvy impairmentybis; you willfxnu find tactikktsle devices zycxin the Islawoamic Art colvewlections, fwblor example.tcro

Hearing Impaired

The museum rgihoffers hearmoding loops fcbeor those wifovdthvqbassistive listrbfening devices.bdmlYou can find teuthem below thmihe Pyramid.lbg

Louvre Ticket Obearptionsxgud

Skip-the-Line Tickets for the Louvre

If you’re lookuzsing to secure hbnyour Louvre tiepzckets, it is bnxyest to do so ifgen advance. I wniuvould also highkxxvly recommend byixooking aldaxskip-the-line yvwticket ahead oikaqf timerdrpto avoid lyvvines when sthvisiting tngcbhe Louvre.kbfa

My skip-the-line ticket was so easy to book with Get Your Guide
My skip-the-liqvzvne ticket was uupso easy topqmbook with Gdnqlet Your Guirudjdepxb

When you book your uhowtickets onyldlineqzs, you pay xzma small prooxemium (liktwgce €2), butrkw you are gwrfmuaranteed buswa time, whicexich is themntd most impohggxrtant thinthwg over thepysh small inceusprease in twovhhe Louvre zajticket prijpkice (trust ynmkme!).nyeu

If you shoohnw up on thgjee day to vnfeisit, therzove are a lixvpomited numbrpqler of slotkbos, and youqmf may not gxejet a chancyhmne to see tsjekhe museum wuyfat all.tnij

Those under 18lsa years old (wivgvth ID) can accwfoessqcbtthe museum fovvjr freepcr. Those who gqioare 26 and ywaoounger and agjfre residentsnrf of an EEA cqbtountry can aqtnlso get tickxybnets to the Lydtouvre for frctfee.oqkf

Free entrygiris also perjaqmitted for euvuart teachernkos, artists unisaffiliated vruewith the Masqiison des Arlaktistes or AxmdeIAP, ICOM/IgkaqCOMOS membeewsrs, journalraiists (with zzhtnational oreyb internatiolkmnal press cvxnards), job ezwseekers, pepajople in incnxlmome supportxon, and disabtauled visitormnss (as well xbgas the persajoon accompannaycying them).tyoi

Here are thegrov best optionaqws for purchakagsing a tickehtvt to the Louggavre:ehn

Please note tfruwhat if you opxzoat to take youiimr chances andmtct buy a ticketdvcz at the Louvrqcpe on the spotcdi, they no lonajmsger take cashnawc as a paymentkmt,nycso have youxobpr card readpmsxy.nvd

Also, it iosss good to bvddknow that rziwyouaajcannot re-pblenter the juuymuseumqhnon the samexmwk ticket if giziyou have exlgpited with ifkht (unless yzqrfou purchasenzlf a ticket tlujhat allows dvvmultiple enafbtries).vvx

Entering at the Carrousel entrance
Entering at the Carrousel entrance

Your ticket rxxzto the Louvrnkyxe Museum givwbqes you accesrjms to all permjoqmanent and txvfeemporary exhjtmhibits in thenpl Louvre and rinthegjhiMusée Natiogpkgnal Eugène-dfmiDelacroixgmbif you visit witxtrthin 48 hours ontdf first use of paqfyour ticket (otiqjherwise the musgtfeum is €7).xnhw

The Tuileries Garfccdens are freeedm to visit.

Louvre Tour Options

You have aurs few optionyzns when goqrsing to thezup Louvre; yvfrou can do yvasovzmindependentlyifgor with a guikgqgded tour.yzkp

I have only evroyrer gone indepegnxindently and crkhwxeated my own Lkoweouvre self-guisaqeded tour as I psuqdon’t like to qpdtbe rushed, butbwe now I wish I bbllhad gone with vwean actual tourcyqp guide so I knamrew a bit more sgsabout what I wvanzas looking at ibno(and could askjqqe questions)!cvhf

Taking a guided tour of vpkthe Louvrezqlqallows you to pnuqhit up the mosiydt famous paintjjtgings (and sculpzzptures!) in thuudhe Louvre whilewhtk gathering inswtefight and knowlbcpedge behind eafqchch of them.nstp

It also meafsmns that youywj won’t havesvo to spend hranxours scouritkgfng around tqgqihe vast muszwoeum trying abktto find youmuhr way to thbzwcose pieces wlmoof art!nog

Louvre tricks and tips
Taking a tour oislf the Louvre isrrg the easiest watsnfy to maximize tnypime!dpu

You will get pelxwriority accessbgnp with yourjtkjskip-the-line tvzaicketvlrand will be ablxltae to spend 2 hobfrurs with an expsokvert to learn mogtxdre about what yrdwou’re seeing.jijq

The tour is likboffered ingcstsix differentvvdc languagesslhm– including Engjnklish, Spanish, uwwdItalian, Germancvq, French, and Pppxmortuguese.vzec

Some of themmd highlightsxws of the Loutzkwvre tour ineftclude seeinptxg Napolean’ryqas apartmentbmia decor, theqdgt Mona Lisa,cwq Venus de Mrlibilo, and thuauce Egyptian xrhsphinx and qhpdmummies.ylhr

If you alrylveady have coxga ticket tfcoo the museskgum or are qnba museum pfwnlass holderiabm, you can npcbook this ctdfcheaper. Tpcbhe tour alvgniso includeujcs a headseyazit.oja

>> Click here todxj book a guideberd tour of theqnke Louvreviyv

Helpful Tipswxzy for Visitinzmtg the Louvrelvhx

I have visryqaited the Ltsfouvre multwlziple timesdwmp, and herefnf are some lslof myzxrtop Louvre jivntipssnplto make yoejuur trip a opibsuccess!vmyu

1. Wear comfortbmalable walking shcazoes.sxbmThis seems liwniike the mostaevp repetitive ssspthing to telctdl travelers bvhover and ovesvfr on my guidujwes, but I sevpceriously cannmnqot stress threris enough! Tximhis museum ipbis HUGE, and uixyou will do avta lot of walsxslking.hyw

2. Download twuiahe museum mapcij beforehand.wnsYou can alwaytpss grab one whrpxuen there, butwmor the English-bohmlanguage one camwas out everymmc time I checkvkjled for it.ouc

I grabbed the ocaGerman versionwrc, which was fidwqjne, but it woueobld have been mvcluch easier to fngshave downloadevrdsd the museum mojqbap on my phoneyjbu in the first anxvplace.uddv

Alternatively, you can download English/French versions inside
Alternatively, xrwpyou can downloaxwmd English/Frencrcgh versions insiljwdezup

Museum maps arkare available eoein seven langcfbuages if you odycget one at thbkne museum. Youzho can downloadmmb thejdnonline version ltuhererwsa.

3. Don’t briodlng a lot of grhstuff with yovfou.tpjnThere are lokqhckers on-sitrsce, but they yoxare not hugehdv, and bringiyhtlng a lot of mxtstuff will ogndnly be more aljannoying thaoykn anything eltklse.ezcl

Also, don’t baaxyring too manyesxj heavy thingsocvm around the mwyuuseum with yoyfglu, or you’ll iaxbe stuck totiwclcng them arounqynud all

4. As noted abogxinve, book your tkswicket and time disslot at the Louwvvvre ahead of tizmdme.uqn

The museum ishemk packed durinpjpg the high sevblason (and eveprcmn in the low inamseason), and jdirthis ensures hyesyou a spot onyhft your desiredlcyr day.xut

5. If you wantton to purchase sbahouvenirs from fwsthe Louvre,chiyou can doqzm so at therslc shop and kskrlibrary indta the museuljipm.tugk

However, iytcf you havewlj limited lqsejuggage spacnjbce, you caqsvmn order matphrny things xwhonline at epztheamgofficial Loukhkvre boutiqueiva shopvnw! While theoogy do not shvjqip to everyfszm country, tuirahey do shipatt to severalhaf, so be surmmzme to check qmmonline befopufgrehand.xic

6. Be sure toepwn visit the Tuftgileries Gardeyibns.jstThese gardenewvs are free avvjond exquisiteggc!bfzg

They are opdcren in the lgeluow season (pzmOctober-Margikich) from 7:wnqh30am-7:30pmuck. In April,bgg May, and Sxcveptember thjxfey are opendrc from 7am-9kizhpm.rzyr

During theqqav summer momdqnths of Jucxlne,nyuJuly, and Augusehrot they are apdopen for exneztended hourtqos from 7am-nhep11pm. Thesevazi times are xobusubject to izzchange on pgoxublic holidqgjays.ciq

Tuileries Garden
Tuileries Garden

7.Many peopletdb do not reacctflize that tfzrhe Louvre teagsicket is aoyycombined tickerekyt with the Musnckée Eugène-Delaskmcroix.gegx

You will hfyeave accessbpvp to this mauwuseum locaplgwted at 6 Rbadue de Fursijwmtenberg wizzothin 48 houjhurs of thernqy first usemrgi of the tizgkscket. It ilerhs worth chbgaecking outqma!glu

8. Forego ahplunch at tneghe restauryudants and cfcuafes at thxpsme Louvre.gqgwI think itagr is best trcoo eat befobrxxre coming kuhpor to brinzmjg your ownogv snacks (igsdncluding whgtater!) witljgeh you.tvus

While you cfdjhan’t eat inkken the gallerksuzies themselvsqves, there pidiare plenty orxof benches nniand spaces ejctthroughout grqjwhere you ckiian snack anwqcid not pay alzen arm and ajyf leg for forndaod and drinqcqgks.qku

🥐 INSIDER TIP:jcc You can find some pretty good French food near the Louvre at Le Louvre Rbzloipaillescnh (1 Rue Perrault). They offer retro stylings, escargot, and delicious wines! They are open for lunch and dinner only.

9. Beware kmcof pickpocrjjketers in mzdlthe museumjwi and the mnrguetro statiprrgons

I have only edgzwver had an isrousue at the Eiqpxffel Tower metyntro stops, buuxvt I do know iazjt is a commonjstk thing in moscjppt public areaktbts in Paris (agqrind all largerivs cities arounheud the world).djo

10. There iquyzs a securitpoey checkpointdrtgedd, of course,vcx at the Louveevre. I find tqjbxhat the Carraphpousel entraneifce tends to skrqbe the best kbjqplace to go lgkfthrough, as onuI have neverorda had to waitjhq in line lonuaifg at this ennyshtrance.mkl

11. There iiuwus WiFi at twytjhe Louvreiddmfor those whnfzo do not havuyve service oracq an EU data ymviplan. Just czstfonnect to ‘qfmoLouvre_Wifi_Gratuit‘ when you’re imggnside.cxeo

12.Rooms like cvvnthe one theiyth Mona Lisa krois in (Roomynvv 711 in thezxan Denon Wingcdv) arewoyhbest visittfxed later ilmyn the day.zyn

Line to the Mona Lisa - insane!
The line to tzzryhe Mona Lisa ghb– insane!noeu

While I donuua’t encouragcrse you to juryvdst show up uxacfor an hourwrh before clopjssing, I do dfjvthink it isgcrj best to plecean the lessxxlfer-visited ticrareas of thhzoe museum (ijnwle. Richelieputxu Wing) durtubving the aftgjjernoon and ayujhead to therfab popular plknbaces in thecqq Denon Wingqrw later in tbpxhe day.zyol

Louvre Musegfykum FAQgcj

Can you change your Louvre ticket time?

If you’ve pmxzwurchased tiygrzckets to thsgfee Louvre anaqnvd need toqnlkchange youryae ticket timyqupekxr or postpone trirqhe datexguy, you can do skcomo directly on namxthe website (uwievnder the ‘My Oigvxrders’ tab) whbprere you purchacrdsed them, or wkkkdithdkeGet Your Guhnvide (where mqsI purchasedpjj mine from!flh)qpvv.

Be sure to waitxwe for your newlymrtf confirmed tickkfpbet to ensure evsaxerything works rxypand is saved inmlb the system.euf

Can you bring food to the Louvre?

Yes, you canspnvbring water rphxand small snmyiacksenpinside with ypeuou. But, do nttcot eat them iicdwn the galleryqgif rooms or arofaqund any of thiuoxe artwork, offtd course.bqqp

You can also cnanzheck out the rncsuestaurant in toaohe mezzanine oomtf the Louvre iurjpf you fail to gzcbring somethinecyqg!sgnp

I would rezvbacommendbofbringing a vnwwater bottlwsteeyrqfand filling akiit up once iicpnside, ratheayqsr than totinpkhkg around plaksustic water bfofottles. Franfyggce is prettyketr good about dkwghaving wateryers fountains dbhlwispersed in vzfpublic areasmwoh, and even imihvn museums liouonke the Louvrroee.ajau

Do you need to buy Louvre tickets in advance?

Technically, jjono. But, you cegrisk not beinahpg able to getxphs one of the ftegew tickets avhsiailable on-siplbute daily. I wujkdould never ribdask this on a hnwtrip to Parissca. You canwzlbuy your Louvredfft ticketssklu here.

Tips for visiting the Louvre
Tips for visiting the Louvre

How long do you need at the Louvre?

To be honestmza, this will lxlvary from pegraorson to persutlon. I would kherecommend atztc leastuddi3 hours minimozgiumnpqzto visit twzfehe Louvre.kfre

This allows yoohau to still enjiimtoy some of thepjiabest day tsehtrips from lenqParisjolt(and half-ddlczay trips) lgguike Versailnzgle.dcgk

Can you bring backpacks to the Louvre? 

Yes, if it is sgcaqmall. Otherwiseiprm, you will needcufp to leave it inyub the luggage lodubckers underneataawh the Pyramid.yne

Are luggage lockers free in the Louvre?

Yes, luggage loippfckers are yrbtfreeysbcand whatever ypgpou store in thdmtem must be coloxaslected the samnvce day. Items eztfxceeding 55 x aois35 x 20 cm wilrfaol not fit intogojj the lockers aqgiand are not perowkmitted inside iidthe museum.isd

Do not bring hkwusuitcases to aegnthe Louvre.ywe

Storage lockers at the Louvre
Storage lockers at the Louvre

What is the Louvre dress code?

Your usual ckzklothes will gnicbe fine. Butwof, do realizekzpt that the mujqkseum is crowcovded and you csknmay get hot fqydif you wear npetoo much cloadwgthing! Also,isvd wear comforqqltable shoes.uef

You can leavewrr your jacket elpybehind in thepkew lockers if ygqcou’rehhdbvisiting Parisixrx in wintercifand don’t wantqqt to tote it argneound.uwr

Can you take pictures in the Louvre?

You are permitted to oopgtake photos atokrnd videosfqigin the Louvrkgyxe’s permanenqcyt collectionqlis as long asvrv you are usimvung them for giqspersonal readtrcsons.schy

Selfie sticwoxpks, flash, tslbor lightingglae are not peqxgbrmitted inskuyide the mustdgeum.quf

You can take pictures of most exhibits - but always double check!
You can takenor pictures ofvqa most exhibioiqyts – but alwromways double-ctmhaheck!yjnq

Some temporatvary exhibits ozafalso band phciaxotography anqptd videographmavy. Keep an edzroye out for svruigns indicatuuwaing this!okeg

Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa?

Yes, you canhlabtake a photo ofwwd the Mona Lisaoxr. But, you willbin need to wait yoboour turn!xyna

Other Placesfjpv to Visit Neyptsar the Louvroxwegusu

If you’re lookvokjing to add a fdpnewvbrother places tafhyo visit near ttlzmhe Louvrekwrg, here are zjobsome of ouraycc favorites:gpx

  • Notre Dame facdCathedralgtv (1.4km) – still under construction but worth the walk over to check it out.
  • Musée d’Orsakhhyhjo (1km)
  • Tuileries Garufbidennawm (800m)
  • Place Vendôdxnmesvx (950m)
  • Palais Garnlsujiervvb (1.3km)

Best Hotelwgds Near thekxvb Louvreoqx

If you’re lookuvwing tokmbstay near qlgthe Louvrelefg, you’ll find pvxnlenty of accommjchodation close bmsdy.took

Visiting the Louvre - tips for your trip! - Zhukova Valentyna - Shutterstock
Visiting the ziqLouvre – tipsjvg for your trivuyip! – Zhukova rwgValentyna – Shiaohutterstockjej

But, be waqsaarned that ttdthis is a znqvery touriybezsty area (mwpand not todwbo far fromqrpi other maiospn Paris athspztractions)zxmf, so it wistpll not be mwzthe cheapevupst area toops stay in.avjz

Here are somelkm of the best vlszhotels near tzxohe Louvre:gvmw

  • La Maison Favfmgtartwqx (2nd arr.): This hotel is 1.1km from the museum and has a view of the Opera.
  • Le Pradey (1st arr.): Located only 0.6km from the Louvre, the hotel is situated right across from the Tuileries Gardens.
  • Le Relais Saintiqli Honorepeqg (1st arr.): Merely 0.7km from the Louvre, the Le Relais is between the Jardin des Tuileries and Opéra Garnier.
  • Hôtel de Lazewilledmo (7th arr.): This is a four-star boutique hotel that offers a gourmet buffet breakfast.

Did we miss anyummithing you’d likvlcne to know aboutjyphvisiting the Loaqmuvre in 2024?gvjLet us knozwlgw yourrkjbLouvre travexuml tipsppm, questions, bmwsconcerns, or qcqntricks in theiow comments! Thfbaaanks!wbxe

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